Caught Up

RABBI JAN / Jan Rosenberg

I am grateful to many people for the completion of this album, but here I only have room to thank Bruce, Bob, Charlie and Paul. I will have to thank everyone else in person! Special thanks to my wife, Marlene, and my amazing children, Tovah, Shoshana and Isaac, as well as my Beth Zion family, for all their love and support. Finally, thanks be to God, who grants life and sustenance, and has permitted me to reach this season. At my 40th class reunion, the question was asked, “if you could change one thing in your life, what would you do differently?” I said, “I would have learned a lot sooner, that no excuse, no matter how good it is, is a valid substitute for what we say is our call and passion to do!” Excuses actually delay what we say is important to us. It doesn’t matter if we can see in advance how it will turn out or not. Most of life is not known in advance — just step by step. Accepting accolades for potential is like getting an award for something we haven’t done yet. It’s all vanity and lies! Good intentions are never enough. God definitely knows something we don't know, and wants us to keep moving forward, as He brings us to places beyond our imagination. If God, who provides everything, is for us, why focus any longer on what we lack without Him? Let’s use our words and actions to encourage one another to fulfill our individual and collective destiny together in Him. I believe in God’s commitment to reconcile and restore what we often think is beyond repair. This is part of my rationale for what I call “my late-bloomin, baby-boomin, never-been comeback tour.” George Elliot once said, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” Trust in Messiah and be fully caught up with Him! FYI, the album cover is entitled "Flight Over 911 — Learning to Soar Above Every Challenge!"

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