Caught Up! by Jan Rosenberg 

If the name Jan Rosenberg sounds familiar, it should. For 16 years, he and his wife Marlene sang in the very popular Messianic group, Kol Simcha, with whom they recorded four albums. Since 1993, they have lead Beth Zion Messianic Synagogue in Jackson, New Jersey. Rabbi Jan’s first solo CD, A Father’s Heart, was a family affair, which included background vocals by his wife and their two daughters in 1997. 

His latest work, Caught Up! is a highly satisfying eclectic collection of musical storytelling with some light accent harmonies – and even humor. The CD comprises 13 songs, all written and performed by Jan; a showcase of his diversified gifts, presented on a silver platter. Jan’s repertoire demonstrates his versatility in melody, clever lyrics, and the ability to pierce one’s heart. He provides his own vocal accompaniment on all the songs that feature harmonies. ​ 

From the opening title song, “Caught Up” (with a shofar intro by Jan) you will know you are entering a unique aural treat. “Light in Something I Don’t Know,” is followed by the insightful, “Vanity and Lies,” and by this time, one is hooked. With a crystal clear voice, Jan evokes a tempo so irresistible in “God Is So ApParent to Me,” you’ll find it difficult not to clap in time to the music. The title is obviously a play-on-words, while the song itself tenderly portrays the parental side of God. 

“You’ve Got Mail” resonates with the sound of the Deep South in the 1930s, complete with background harmonica, expressing God’s desire for his people in a way you’ve never heard before. Equally delightful is “Apples of Gold,” with its waltz-like three quarter beat. But, perhaps the most moving lyrics come from “First Sight and Forever.” Initially, it sounds like an unusual love song between a man and a woman. But as it progresses, we realize it’s a deeper message of brokenness and Yeshua’s unconditional love. The CD powerfully concludes with “Nothing in His All” and the stirring anthem, “I Believe.” 

Sprinkled with Hebrew in at least five songs, Jan’s current projected playlist for his next two albums will include more Hebrew and even some Spanish. 

What makes his repertoire so unique is the amazingly wide range of rhythms, orchestration and vocal textures. With so much variety, it’s hard to believe all this creativity emanates from just one person. Seamlessly incorporating Scripture into the lyrics, the glorification and worship of the Lord is heightened in a subtle but effective manner. 

So, who inspired this talented tenor who some say reminds them of Neil Diamond? “My late mother, Paula Ross Nathan, who was an incredibly gifted professional singer and an even more amazing human being,” he says. 

Jan classifies his style as “prophetic devotional,” since his writing comes out of his devotions, and expresses not only a heart longing for God, but of God’s passionate longing for us. While other singers and songwriters focus more on celebrative worship, Rabbi Jan’s songs tend to be more like miniature musical messages that deal with heart-oriented experiences in a serious but entertaining outside-the-box approach.

- The Messianic Times, Sept/Oct 2011

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