A Father's Heart

RABBI JAN / Jan Rosenberg

Most of life is seen through a glass dimly, revealing vision only in part. This however, is not meant to be a handicap, but a calculated detail in G-d’s plan for your success. The dark places we encounter are not to be feared or avoided. They are just a part of the journey called life, and are appointed as opportunities to draw us near to the Almighty. It is designed to work for our good. In the shadows, we learn to trust and be dependent on Him, to appreciate the warmth of His countenance as we seek to know Him face to face. In time, we begin to know even as we are known, and as we get to know Him better, we learn to trust Him more. The visions we seek to unfold for ourselves, should not be the main focus of our attentions and affections, but the One who is the Orchestrator of all things; He should be our focus, and His will our first choice. In this world, we are taught that we must have a handle on everything (or at least appear that way to people). Forget people and the need for human approval. People do have their place, but the Lord is our handle on life. Understanding the Father’s Heart, with His care and commitment towards us, is the key to true commitment to the Lord. When we know the depth of His love for us, our commitment to Him will be a natural by-product of our experience. He is the source of all our success, and His unconditional love is our pledge forever. Understanding the Father’s Heart draws gold out of desolate places. Even in the midst of tumultuous times, He bring us His peace that surpasses understanding. His desire is not that we live merely to survive, but as victors. In fact, His promise and track record support the premise that He will do exceeding, abundantly above all that we can ask, think, or imagine. So ask! Yes, think and imagine! But seek Him as our one true goal, and no matter what, no matter how long, no matter how uncertain things may seem at times, don’t doubt in the night. Joy is promised for the morning. Remember, life is a process. So yield yourself to the Lord and rejoice in His process.

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