CINCOpated Heart

RABBI JAN / Jan Rosenberg

With a play on words in the title, Rabbi Jan’s fifth CD combines a wide range of syncopated tempos, sounds and mixed vocal textures, together with a deep, heart-oriented message that has made his prophetic devotional, out-of-the-box, storytelling style a unique and varied musical experience! Most of the songs are in Hebrew and English, with three songs containing Spanish as well (assisted by Rabbi Jan’s fluent, Spanish-speaking daughter Shoshana). His wife Marlene, daughter Tovah, and son Isaac also provided vocal and musical assistance. So, where do we find the hidden fifth chamber of the heart? Certainly not in some new-age fad or weird sci-fi concoction, but in diligently searching the hidden person of the heart, and the place where we sing to the Lord and make melody in our heart to Him. Since the four chambers of our physical heart are busy pumping life giving blood, it must be that hidden fifth chamber where all these other experiences take place. In life, there are many voices continually vying for our attention and affections. With our hearts experiencing so many emotional tempo changes and spiritual palpitations, how do we make the right choices that will insure that our lives don’t spiritually flatline? Draw near to God, begin to hear the pulsebeat of His heart, and listen for His voice, as He takes permanent residence in our inner man. Through Messiah, He has given us His plan, and made His heart-felt intentions clear to us in His Word, as the Ruakh HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) leads us and guides us into all truth. Remember, there is gold in the mouth of the morning, so seek HaShem early and discover all of His hidden treasures. Start the Journey — Do Your Part — Seek the Father — Hear the Heart!

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