Philosophy in the Forest

RABBI JAN / Jan Rosenberg

Philosophy in the Forest: It’s often been said, “you can’t see the forest for the trees.” In a world of spin, filters, strong opinions and personal agendas, we need to learn how to simultaneously see both the small details and the big picture. Learning how to effectively challenge our own assumptions is a good first step in experiencing God’s purpose for our life. Through a wide range of musical storytelling, these songs bring a fresh look at familiar statements, and can provide some simple, but poignant, lyrical reality checks that can move listeners to the next level. Is it better to fall in love or ascend to love? What does it really mean when Messiah says, “follow Me?” These questions are just some of the unusual topics covered in this multi-styled musical journey, as well as insights into the secret legacy of fallen trees. When Anger Levels Rise, Sound Reason Disappears! In a world of environmental concerns, it’s time to remove the worst possible pollutant on the planet, by replacing caustic verbal vitriolic emissions with life-changing, God-breathed words of encouragement, within the framework of unconditional love. The most powerful environmental changes we can make for the survival of our planet, begin with words and actions that bring transformation and healing. Remember, there is no limit to what God can do, as we learn to fully submit our lives to Him. — Start A Quiet Revolution — Create A Zone, One Person At A Time!

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