Through The Storms

RABBI JAN / Jan Rosenberg

Through the Storms… Life is filled with storms, challenges and tumultuous events, but through them all, there can be heard that still small voice from God’s heart to ours. We need to learn how to listen better during all of life’s distractions. Learn to reprogram how we think, and find the peace and love that only comes from knowing God, as we pursue and yield to His perfect plan. From the moment that we met Him, we knew! God knows how to play the chords of our heart until we are perfectly tuned to His unique soundtrack for our lives. This album was birthed and written with violin in mind. Special thanks to Les Morrison for adding his beautiful and emotional violin harmonies in every song. With a wide range of musical storytelling, these songs display God’s commitment to bring us to total victory through a liberating, God-breathed humility. We must learn to get down, so God can lift us up! For more than 3,000 years, our Jewish people have longed for Jerusalem, and for God’s presence to permanently reside in our hearts. During the Days of Awe and beyond, HaShem calls us to make shuvah (return) to Him. Through Messiah’s great love, God heals the tattered and the torn. He teaches us to mount up with wings like eagles, as we learn to trust in Him, and soar above every challenge in all spiritual weather conditions. Thanks also to Marlene and Tovah for their added vocal sparkle.

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