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Check Out the Wide Variety of Musical Styles, Unique Sounds,
and Rich Vocal Textures available in All Six Rabbi Jan CDs,
Along with His First Short 

"Brevity of Life"
Animated Music Video

and His Powerful New Music Video entitled,

"Never Again: For the Sake of the Children"

listed below, that you can pass on to everyone you know. 

Click Below & View Rabbi Jan's Challenging New Music Video:

NEVER AGAIN by Rabbi Jan: For the Sake of the Children

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Learn to Fly Higher!

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Rabbi Jan's songs
are a true eclectic mix
of deeply intimate,
devotional songs
that encourage & inspire
through well crafted,
heart-oriented lyrics.
It's an outside-the-box
view of God's love
in a wide range of rhythms,
and vocal textures
that speak to the head
and to the heart.

Learn to Listen for God's
Unique Soundtrack
for Your Life!

The Music of His Love
is All Around You!
All you need to do…
is Listen!

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